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Tub Controls Schematic : AMS1945

Spare parts for Tub Controls

Tub Controls

Part NameSKUMfr Part #Price
A - Liquid Level Mass Sensor (ETD and old MM series only)43884Len Gordon 960080-000$61.85Place Order
A - Water Level Sensor (For New MM-99 Series Only)48374Len Gordon 960092-000$90.10Place Order
C - MM-1TD-W-99 Wall Mount 120v On/Off Air Switch
W/10 Min Time Delay. Water Level Sensor Ready (960092-000)
48376Len Gordon 910530-001$126.65Place Order
C - MM-2TDF-W-99 Wall Mount 240v On/Off Air Switch
W/10 Min Time Delay.Water Level Sensor Ready (58-439-2395)
48377Len Gordon 910630-001$135.85Place Order