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Tahitian Schematic : AMS1777

Spare parts for Tahitian


The Purex Tahitian sand filter was manufactured for Purex (now part of Pentair) by Baker Hydro. Fortunately, we can still get parts for this filter from Baker Hydro.

CAUTION -On the oldest versions of this filter the hub and lateral for this filter were glued to the bottom of the filter, if glued in they cannot be replaced. If your hub does not unthread from the bottom of the filter you will need to replace the entire filter.

Part NameSKUMfr Part #Price
2, 23 - HR 18 - HR21 Threaded Laterals & Hub Kit8582Baker Hydro (WATERCO) 15B0128$73.40Place Order
2, 23 - HR 25 - HR31 Threaded Laterals & Hub Kit8583Baker Hydro (WATERCO) 15B0129$73.40Place Order
1 - Drain Cap, 1"8608Baker Hydro (WATERCO) 88B3043$3.25Place Order
7 - O-Ring, Body 2-268 (P24306) (O-393)8601Waterco 00B7000$4.50Place Order
12 - Screw, 8" x 1/2" Self Tap Stainless Steel (P60834)40290Purex (PENTAIR) 07-2542$9.00Place Order
17 - Standard Pressure Gauge 0-60 PSI, 1/4" MPT, Back Mount9228Standard 9228$4.85Place Order
18 - O-Ring
(07-1426) (2-228 P24102 07-1426)
12398Standard O-64$1.45Place Order