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Star Clear Plus Cartridge Filter Schematic : AMS773

Spare parts for Star Clear Plus Cartridge Filter

Star Clear Plus Cartridge Filter

Part NameSKUMfr Part #Price
1a - Locking Knob (C751, C900 & C1200 Series)8960Hayward CX900G$57.90Place Order
1b - Locking Knob (C1750 Series)13999Hayward CX1750G$73.40Place Order
2 - O-Ring8961Hayward CX900H$4.50Place Order
3 - Washer
(2 Required)
8962Hayward CX900W$6.40Place Order
4 - Guide Cone8964Hayward CX900D$10.25Place Order
5a - Filter Head w/Directional Vent Valve (C751 & C900 Series)8965Hayward CX900B$153.60Place Order
5b - Filter Head w/Directional Vent Valve (C1200 Series)8966Hayward CX1200B$281.35Place Order
5c - Filter Head w/Directional Vent Valve (C1750 Series)14000Hayward CX1750B$321.60Place Order
6 - O-Ring
Replaces CX900F
8967Standard O-240$6.10Place Order
7a - Filter Body - 1-1/2" FIP (C751 & C900)8968Hayward CX900AA$740.35Place Order
7b - Filter Body - 1-1/2" FIP (C1200)14001Hayward CX1200AA$698.65Place Order
7b - Filter Body - 2" FIP (C12002 & C12002S)14002Hayward CX1200AA2$740.55Place Order
7b - Filter Body - 2" FIP (7512, C9002 & C9002S)8969Hayward CX900AA2$754.80Place Order
8 - Back Mount Pressure Gauge
9228Standard 9228$6.60Place Order
9a - Cartridge Element (C751 Series) Replaces CX760RE55897Unicel 55897$95.35Place Order
9b - Cartridge Element (C900 Series) Replaces CX900RE4792Unicel 4792$89.70Place Order
9c - Cartridge Element (C1200 Series) Replaces CX1200RE4794Unicel 4794$139.50Place Order
9d - Cartridge Element (C1750 Series) Replaces CX1750RE54524Unicel 54524$134.05Place Order
10a - Tie Rod (C800 Series)9013Hayward CX800Z2$155.10Place Order
10b - Tie Rod (C1100 Series)8974Hayward CX1100Z2$178.25Place Order
10c - Tie Rod (C1750 Series)50422Hayward CX1750Z2$289.15Place Order
11a - Auto Air Relief Tube (C900 Series)16498Hayward CX800Z4$17.60Place Order
11b - Auto Air Relief Tube (C1200 Series)8976Hayward CX1100Z4$13.60Place Order
11c - Auto Air Relief Tube (C1750 Series)50423Hayward CX1750Z4$20.15Place Order
12 - Drain Plug with Oring14005Hayward CX250Z14A$8.10Place Order
Drain Plug O-Ring8977Hayward SPX0605Z2$2.55Place Order
13 - 2" PVC Socket Connector (Set of 2)8978Hayward CX900K$41.60Place Order
14 - Directional Vent Valve w/O-Ring9026Hayward ECX1322A$11.60Place Order
15 - E-Ring8963Hayward CX900J$16.35Place Order
N/S - D.E. Collector Bag Assembly (May 2004 and prior)56247Hayward CX900DB$254.25Place Order
N/S - D.E. Collector Bag Assembly (After May 2004)56248Hayward CX900DBA$268.30Place Order