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Pro Series Side Mount Polymeric Sand Fil Schematic : AMS765

Spare parts for Pro Series Side Mount Polymeric Sand Fil

Pro Series Side Mount Polymeric Sand Fil

Part NameSKUMfr Part #Price
1 - Manual Air Relief Cap8699Hayward SX200G$8.95Place Order
2 - O-Ring
49072Standard O-27$3.15Place Order
3 - Top Closure Dome8669Hayward SX244K$75.85Place Order
4 - O-Ring
50759Standard O-263$5.80Place Order
5a - Flange Clamp - Valve to Tank8725Hayward GMX600NM$52.65Place Order
5b - Flange Clamp (Valve/Tank)8703Hayward SX310N$69.25Place Order
6 - Filter Tank (S210S) After 199750307Hayward SX210AA2FW$1,106.75Place Order
Filter Tank (S210S)50308Hayward SX210AA2$497.90Place Order
6b - Filter Tank (S220S)50309Hayward SX220AA2$435.30Place Order
6c - Filter Tank (S244S, 1996 & Prior)8673Hayward SX244AA2$675.55Place Order
6d - Filter Tank (S244S) After 199650310Hayward SX244AA2FW$1,318.10Place Order
6e - Filter Tank (S310S) 1996 and Prior50311Hayward SX310AA2$788.15Place Order
6f - Filter Tank (S310S) After 1996r50312Hayward SX310AA2FW$1,527.40Place Order
7 - Top Diffuser Assembly8674Hayward SX244G$47.10Place Order
8b - Top Elbow Assembly (S244S, 1995 & Prior)8676Hayward SX244CD1$27.35Place Order
8d - Top Elbow Assembly (S210S, After 1996)8678Hayward SX210CD1FW$71.50Place Order
8e - Top Elbow Assembly (S244S, After 1996)50313Hayward SX244CD1FW$93.90Place Order
9d - Bottom Elbow Assembly (S210S, After 1996)50315Hayward SX210CD2FW$70.10Place Order
9e - Bottom Elbow Assembly (S244S, After 1996)50316Hayward SX244CD2FW$82.05Place Order
9f - Bottom Elbow Assembly (S310S, After 1996)50317Hayward SX310CD2FW$83.20Place Order
10a - Lateral (S210S) (1986, Formerly GM152Q)8682Hayward SX200Q$7.55Place Order
10b - Lateral
(S220S, S244S)
8683Hayward SX240D$7.90Place Order
10c - Lateral (S310S)16366Hayward SX310HA$11.80Place Order
11a - Folding Umbrella Lateral Holder Assembly (S210S, 1997-)50318Hayward SX242MAX$65.40Place Order
11b - Folding Umbrella Lateral Holder Assembly (S220S, S244S, 1999-)50319Hayward SX242MA1$113.50Place Order
11c - Folding Umbrella Lateral Holder Assembly (S310S, 1999-)50320Hayward SX242MA2$131.75Place Order
12b - Plastic Air Tube (S244S)8976Hayward CX1100Z4$13.60Place Order
12c - Plastic Air Tube (S310S)8766Hayward SX200Z1$19.50Place Order
13 - Air Tube Lock Screw8688Hayward SX200Z2$2.40Place Order
Drain Cap & Gasket8730Hayward SX180HG$7.15Place Order
16b - Filter Support Stand - Large (S310S)50344Hayward SX310J$191.55Place Order
16a - Filter Support Stand (1991 & Prior)8690Hayward SX200J$109.00Place Order
17a - 1-1/2" Vari Flo Control Valve Assembly w/Gauge6141Hayward SP0710X62$212.20Place Order
17b - 2" Vari Flo Control Valve Assembly w/Gauge50347Hayward SP0715X62$311.25Place Order
18 - O-Ring8788Hayward SX200Z4$1.50Place Order
19 - Standard Pressure Gauge
55324Standard 55324$17.10Place Order
20a - O-Ring
(1995 and Prior) (SX220Z3)
28167Standard O-43$0.70Place Order
20b - O-Ring
(After 1996)
14075Hayward SX360Z1$10.50Place Order
21 - O-Ring Spacer (S311, S360, After 1995)8696Hayward SX360E$14.15Place Order
22b - Bulkhead Fitting (S311, After 1996, S360 - After 1999)8698Hayward SX244P$26.20Place Order
23 - Pump & Filter Mounting Base16333Hayward ECX1291$296.10Place Order
24 - Union Ball End16334Hayward SPX1480A$14.60Place Order
25 - Union Nut16269Hayward SPX1480C$14.75Place Order
26 - O-Ring16267Hayward SPX1425Z6$5.00Place Order
27 - Union Elbow w/Compression Assembly - S200 (Does Not Incl. #36, 37)16337Hayward SPX1485B3$68.65Place Order
28 - Compression Gasket (1987)16338Hayward SPX1485G$5.80Place Order
29 - Mounting Screw Set w/Washer16339Hayward ECX1161Z2$10.20Place Order
30 - Compression Fitting w/Gasket16359Hayward SPX1485DA$32.75Place Order