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Spare parts for Model 360 Vac Sweep

Model 360 Vac Sweep

Part NameSKUMfr Part #Price
1 - All Purpose Bag7958Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-1014$54.75Place Order
1 - All-Purpose Bag, Black20403Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-1016$67.65Place Order
1 - Ultra Fine Sand/Silt Bag8025Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-1015$60.90Place Order
1 - Leaf Bag8024Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-1012$58.40Place Order
2 - Housing, Turbine Upper7959Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-1152$7.05Place Order
3 - Hub Cap7960Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-1114$5.05Place Order
3 - Hub Cap, Black20429Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-1115$3.90Place Order
4 - E-Clip, SS13378Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-5107$1.90Place Order
5 - Ball Bearing7962Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-1108$12.85Place Order
6 - Tire, MaxTrax, White7963Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) C10$15.15Place Order
6 - Tire For Polaris Vac-Sweep, Black20095Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) C11$22.15Place Order
7 - Wheel, Double Side7964Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-1008$19.55Place Order
7 - Wheel, Double-side, Black20402Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-1004$21.90Place Order
8 - Belt Kit, Small & Large7965Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-1017$46.15Place Order
9 - Shield, Bearing7966Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-7011$2.90Place Order
11 - Screw, 8-32 x 1/2" SS Pan Hold7899Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-5125$4.85Place Order
12 - Axle Block Assembly7969Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-1139$32.45Place Order
13 - Belt Divider, Transfer Pulley7901Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-1010$4.60Place Order
14 - Bag Collar Tie, White7902Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-3135$5.50Place Order
14 - Bag Collar Tie, Black7941Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-3136$10.55Place Order
14 - Bag Collar, Black20461Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-1019$5.10Place Order
15 - Transfer Pulley, Drive Shaft Assembly7972Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-1007$29.65Place Order
16 - Screw, 8-32 x 3/4" SS Pan Head7973Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-5115$3.40Place Order
17 - Lock Washer, Axle Block7974Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-5130$0.65Place Order
18 - Drive Train Gear Kit w/Turbine Bearing7906Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-1132$27.10Place Order
19 - Turbine Wheel w/Bearing7907Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-1103$19.35Place Order
20 - Wheel, Single-Side7908Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-1116$15.10Place Order
20 - Wheel, Single-side, Black20406Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-1117$18.90Place Order
21 - Thrust Jet Repair Kit7909Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) C131$9.50Place Order
22 - Sweep Hose Barb, Complete7910Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-7008$7.40Place Order
23 - Adjustment Screw, Sweep Hose7911Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) B20$4.45Place Order
24 - Sweep Hose Attach Clamp, White7776Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) B15$3.75Place Order
24 - Sweep Hose Attach Clamp, Black20437Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) B16$5.25Place Order
25 - Base Weight107064POL-PT 9-100-3005$8.80Place Order
26 - Hose Clamp for WMS7753Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-7170$5.70Place Order
27 - Jet Retainer7915Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-7009$2.75Place Order
28 - Water Management System7916Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-7014$40.60Place Order
29 - Housing, Turbine Lower7917Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-1155$7.05Place Order
30 - Sweep Hose Scrubber7768Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-3105$4.10Place Order
31 - O-Ring, In-Head, Timer/Feed Pipe Assembly7988Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-5132$2.85Place Order
32 - Top and Base Assembly Blue7989Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-7030$117.85Place Order
32.1 - Top Housing For Polaris 360/380 Blue110247Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-1240$49.15Place Order
32.2 - Base Assembly For Polaris 360/380, White112254Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-7026$75.35Place Order
33 - Feed Pipe/Timer Blank Assembly7922Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-1002$34.35Place Order
33 - Feed Pipe, Black13437Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-1001$34.35Place Order
34 - Float, Head7771Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) A20$10.50Place Order
34 - Float Head, Black7945Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) A21$15.20Place Order
35 - Sweep Hose, Complete7925Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-1011$42.95Place Order
35 - Sweep Hose Complete, Black20404Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-1020$50.75Place Order
36 - Wear Rings7828Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) B10$3.70Place Order
11 - Screw, 8-32 x 1/2" SS Pan Hold7899Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-5125$4.85Place Order
38 - UWF Connector Assembly7927Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-3008$43.30Place Order
38 - UWF Connector Assembly, Black20413Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-3010$55.85Place Order
39 - Universal Wall Fitting (UWF)7732Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 6-500-00$6.45Place Order
39 - Universal Wall Fitting, Black20094Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 6-550-00$6.65Place Order
40 - Filter Screen, UWF/QD7682Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 6-504-00$12.50Place Order
41 - O-Ring
Replaces 6-505-00
13446Standard O-403$3.45Place Order
42 - Pressure Relief Valve, White7931Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-3009$15.40Place Order
42 - Pressure Relief Valve, Black20414Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-3011$16.70Place Order
43 - Quick Disconnect, UWF7932Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-3006$13.25Place Order
43 - Quick Disconnect, UWF, Black20412Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-3007$35.55Place Order
44 - Hose Nut7933Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-3109$5.50Place Order
44 - Hose Nut, Black20418Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-3112$6.05Place Order
45 - Feed Hose, 6 ft.7934Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-3102$27.50Place Order
45 - Feed Hose, 6 Foot, Black20416Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-3110$33.15Place Order
46 - Swivel, Hose7935Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-3002$23.80Place Order
46 - Swivel, Hose, Black20411Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-3003$41.95Place Order
47 - Float, Feed Hose7936Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-1206$6.30Place Order
47 - Float, Feed Hose, Black20409Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-1207$6.75Place Order
48 - In-Line Back-Up Valve7937Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-1200$126.90Place Order
48 - In-line Back-up Valve, Black20407Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-1201$145.95Place Order
49 - Case Kit, In-Line Back-up Valve20400Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-1202$37.80Place Order
49 - Case Kit, In-line Back-up Valve, Black20408Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-1203$42.95Place Order
50 - Collar, Back-Up Valve7938Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) G57$13.35Place Order
50 - Collar, Back-up Valuve, Black20454Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) G67$7.60Place Order
51 - Mechanism, In-Line Back-Up Valve13438Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-1204$91.40Place Order
52 - Feed Hose, 1 ft.7939Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-3103$5.65Place Order
52 - Feed Hose, 1 Foot, Black20417Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-3111$6.10Place Order
UWF Eyeball Fitting7738Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 6-511-00$23.25Place Order
Screw, 10 Pack, 32 x 3/8" SS Pan Head7751Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) C40$3.15Place Order
Weight Sweep Hose7940Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) B2$45.80Place Order
Feed Hose Complete w/UWF, No Back-Up Valve7948Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-3100$282.80Place Order
Feed Hose Complete with UWF, No Back-up Valve, Black20415Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-3101$343.00Place Order
Hose Nut, Quick Disconnect7949Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-3126$9.80Place Order
O-Ring, Quick Disconnect7950Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-5140$3.95Place Order
Pressure Stick7951Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-6000$14.20Place Order
Wet Function Bench Test7952Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-6005$32.40Place Order
360 Factory Tune-Up Kit7954Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-9010$323.65Place Order
360 Factory Rebuild Kit13433Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-9060$615.30Place Order
Eyeball Regulator20646Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 10-107-00$9.40Place Order
In-Line Back-Up Valve Conversion Kit (360)7944Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-3200$60.60Place Order
UWF Removal Tool, Plastic (All pressure-side products)8033Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 10-102-00$10.75Place Order
O-Ring Kit, Back-up Valve
1 Large - 1 Small O-ring
13456Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) G58$5.90Place Order
Adjustable Plug, UWF17016Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 11-203-00$8.60Place Order
Pressure Gauge Kit20651Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-6400$62.40Place Order
Street Ell20652Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-9003$15.65Place Order