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Inground Blanket Handler Plus & XL Schematic : AMS2253

Spare parts for Inground Blanket Handler Plus & XL

Inground Blanket Handler Plus & XL

Part NameSKUMfr Part #Price
Handle56277Feherguard Products FG-B-HAN$29.75Place Order
Bearings56278Feherguard Products FG-BEA005$22.05Place Order
Tube Plug, Standard, 2-1/2" Tube56280Feherguard Products FG-PLGL$18.00Place Order
Tube Plug, Standard, 3" Tube56281Feherguard Products FG-PLG$22.05Place Order
Tube Plug, XL Model (4" Tube)56292Feherguard Products FG-PLGLC$22.05Place Order
Hardware Kit56290Feherguard Products FGHDW1$28.45Place Order
Casters, 2 Inch, set/456293Feherguard Products FG-CK$32.05Place Order
Casters, 3 Inch, set/4, XL Model56294Feherguard Products FGCLC$66.05Place Order
Single Ends Complete56295Feherguard Products BLBHEIGW  
Blanket Handler Plus Reel End Kit (With 3.5" & 2" Ends)
*Both ends complete with cover hardware - No casters*
56296Feherguard Products BL-IGEW$123.05Place Order
Tube & Blanket Fastener Kit (10 Sets Fasteners, 10-26 Inch Straps)56286Feherguard Products FG-FASKIT$148.85Place Order
Pull Rope Kit (35 ft. rope & fasteners)56276Feherguard Products FGMPR$15.20Place Order
Heavy Duty 20ft Tube Kit6962Feherguard Products IG20$374.80Place Order
Heavy Duty Extension Tube (adds up to 4ft)3562Feherguard Products IG24EX$138.70Place Order