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FF-1000LTC Schematic : AMS1629

Spare parts for FF-1000LTC


*An Important Note* The timer shown in the picture on this schematic is one of several timers available for the FF-1000LTC. If your timer looks like the one in the picture then you should order the one off of this page. If you timer has a small circle of raised white trippers then it may be a Telechron. The Telechron is no longer available. If you want to replace it you will need to cut the hole larger and use Timer TA4160 as a replacement (Click Here).

Part NameSKUMfr Part #Price
5 - Panel Mount Time Clock, 120 Volt36607Len Gordon E1020-M20$95.00Place Order
5A - Trippers, E1000 Series Clocks - On/Off 2 Sets71305Intermatic 156EB1945A$4.60Place Order
6 - Latching Relay, SPDT, 120 Volt (410122-0)36608Len Gordon 410122$62.85Place Order
7 - Sensor, JAG-3. SPST, Momentary48934Len Gordon 860010-0$26.40Place Order
11 - Ground Lug36948Len Gordon 390100-0