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EOS Parts and Accessories Schematic : AMS2534

Spare parts for EOS Parts and Accessories

EOS Parts and Accessories

Part NameSKUMfr Part #Price
Activator Board, EOS96203Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) E12$829.10Place Order
Wireless Kit (Antenna, Remote, ChargingBase)96060Jandy E20$1,976.55Place Order
In-House Panel96061Jandy E21$459.80Place Order
Wireless Remote Only96064Jandy E30$1,247.90Place Order
Wireless Charging Base Only96065Jandy E31$255.85Place Order
Wireless Antenna Only96066Jandy E32$1,048.40Place Order
Battery, Wireless Remote96067Jandy E33$101.95Place Order
Cable, RBC, 250'96068Jandy E34$195.40Place Order
RBC Hub Card96069Jandy E36$136.55Place Order
Cable, RBC Cable, 125'96071Jandy E39$141.15Place Order
PLC Transmitter Kit96072Jandy E40$415.40Place Order
PLC Dimmer Module (lighting only)96073Jandy E41$48.45Place Order
PLC Appliance Module96074Jandy E43$71.25Place Order
PLC Dimmer Screw-In Lamp Module96075Jandy E44$87.40Place Order
PLC Phase Coupler, Plug-In, 3 Wire96076Jandy E45$178.80Place Order
Transformer96077Jandy E66$94.00Place Order
Fuse, Transformer (4 Amp, 125V)96078Jandy E68  
CPC Extension Kit for E3-E9, per foot96079Jandy E69$10.30Place Order
Dimmer Relay96080Jandy E75$276.00Place Order
Datalogger PC Access96081Jandy E82$159.95Place Order
3 HP Relay with Harness31529Jandy R0658100$131.75Place Order
Surge Protection Kit w/1 Yr. Extended Warranty2447Jandy 6908$709.55Place Order
2 Speed Motor Relay Kit (2 Sp. Pump Op.)2436Jandy 6796$88.20Place Order
Temperature Sensor Kit2448Jandy 7790$110.75Place Order
Sensor Kit, Gray (Air/Water/Solar) 50 Foot Cable59942Jandy 7786$156.15Place Order
Temp Sensor Kit, Gray (Air/Water/Solar)125'96028Jandy 7791$278.35Place Order
6-pin Connector96070Jandy E37  
CPC Cable (E11-E12)96082Jandy E85  
12' Cable (E3-E9)96083Jandy E86  
EOS Cable Kit96084Jandy E90