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Connectors, Fittings & Miscellaneous Par Schematic : AMS1285

Spare parts for Connectors, Fittings & Miscellaneous Par

Connectors, Fittings & Miscellaneous Par

Part NameSKUMfr Part #Price
UWF Eyeball Fitting7738Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 6-511-00$18.95Place Order
Eyeball Fitting Connection Kit20563Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-8001$30.90Place Order
1-1/4" Sleeve Kit20607Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 8-841-00$42.90Place Order
1-1/2" Stub Pipe Connection Kit20608Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-8003$75.40Place Order
Eyeball Adapter Connection Kit20609Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-8005$46.45Place Order
Coupling, 1-1/2 NPTF x 3/4" NPTM8015Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) G9$12.65Place Order
Ladder Guard Set, 2 Panel7877Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) G21$45.35Place Order
Pressure Guage Kit20651Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-6400$60.80Place Order
Standard Eyeball Regulator Disk20620Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-8006$3.75Place Order
1" Expansion Connector20623Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-8008$36.35Place Order
1" Expansion Connector with Pressure Relief20622Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-8009$27.50Place Order
1-1/2" Return Line Plug20624Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-8010$9.80Place Order
1-1/2" Expansion Connector20625Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-8011$24.05Place Order
1-1/2" Expansion Connector with Pressure Relief20626Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-8012$23.60Place Order
1-1/2" Adapter with Cap20627Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-8013$6.80Place Order
1-1/2" Pressure Relief Valve Assembly20628Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-8014$5.80Place Order
Eyeball Adapter Connector with Pressure Relief20629Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-8015$13.15Place Order
EYEBALL ADAPTER CONNECTOR107100POL-PT 9-100-8016$24.00Place Order
Large Eyeball Regulator Disk20631Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-8017$1.60Place Order
1" Expansion Regulator20632Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-8018$4.50Place Order
1/2" Expansion Regulator20634Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-8020$6.05Place Order
Vinyl Eyeball Kit20636Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-8021$21.80Place Order
40 mm Stub Pipe Connection Kit ( International Use )20637Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-8022$44.50Place Order
Eyeball Adapter Kit, 40mm ( International Use )20638Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-8025$6.80Place Order
Street Ell20652Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 9-100-9003$15.25Place Order
UWF Removal Tool, Plastic (All pressure-side products)8033Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 10-102-00$9.25Place Order
Eyeball Regulator20646Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 10-107-00$8.25Place Order
UWF Restrictor Kit7858Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 10-108-00$10.80Place Order
UWF Restrictor Disks, Red and Blue51902Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 10-112-00$3.80Place Order
Adjustable Plug, UWF ( All Pressure-side products )17016Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) 11-203-00$5.35Place Order