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Booster Pump (North America) Schematic : AMS933

Spare parts for Booster Pump (North America)

Booster Pump (North America)

Part NameSKUMfr Part #Price
1 - Volute ( Includes drain plug )11527Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) P5$68.55Place Order
2 - Impeller11529Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) P15$38.40Place Order
3 - Seal - 5/8" Mechanical
Replaces P-55
11547U.S. Seal Manufacturers PS-1000$6.25Place Order
4 - O-Ring
59548Aladdin Equipment O-299$2.15Place Order
5 - Bracket11528Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) P10$73.40Place Order
6 - Bolt - SS, for Motor to Bracket11532Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) P35$1.30Place Order
7 - O-Ring for Shaft11533Aladdin Equipment P40$0.95Place Order
8 - Cleaner Pump Motor
1189Magnetek/Century B625$337.45Place Order
9 - Bolt/Nut, Stainless for Volute to Bracket11531Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) P25$2.30Place Order
10 - Rubber Strip Between Motor & Bracket11538Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) P80$2.05Place Order
11 - Pump Stand w/Feet, Strip11536Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) P70$70.85Place Order
12 - Rubber Feet - Each8061Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) P75$2.45Place Order
13 - Bolt - SS, Motor to Stand & Bracket11535Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) P65$1.25Place Order
14 - Plug, 1/8" MPT Plastic11530Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) P20$3.10Place Order
15 - Quick Connect Hose Install Kit112810Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) R0617100$65.05Place Order
16 - Pump Hose, 6 ft., Flexible Reinforced13439Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) P19$38.20Place Order
17 - Softubeâ„¢ Quick Connect8022Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) P133$34.10Place Order
Pump Hose Spool, 25 ft., Flexible Reinforced8023Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) P135$144.20Place Order
Hose Barb and Clamp13442Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) G-133$11.85Place Order
Pump Hose, 3 ft., Flexible13443Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) P-18$13.10Place Order
Adapter 3/4" NHTM x NPTM, PB4-60 Pump11541Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) G16$4.05Place Order
Nipple 3/4" NPTM x NPTM, G-12 Only11542Polaris Pool Systems (ZODIAC) G-17$7.25Place Order