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Automation Common Replacement Parts Schematic : AMS2510

Spare parts for Automation Common Replacement Parts

Automation Common Replacement Parts

Part NameSKUMfr Part #Price
Old Style Dual Rectifier Kit For AQR88700Goldline Controls (HAYWARD) GLX-DRK$76.75Place Order
Flow Switch - W/ 15' Cable, Less Tee88701Goldline Controls (HAYWARD) GLX-FLO-RP$123.50Place Order
Flow Switch - W/ 25' Cable, Less Tee88702Goldline Controls (HAYWARD) GLX-FLO-RP-25$185.05Place Order
Tee for flow switch88703Goldline Controls (HAYWARD) GLX-FLO-T$24.20Place Order
Goldline AquaRite AquaLogic Transformer88323Goldline Controls (HAYWARD) GLX-XFMR$240.40Place Order
Union, nut & tailpiece, 288704Goldline Controls (HAYWARD) GLX-CELL-UNION$33.80Place Order
Rectifier, 10 pack88705Goldline Controls (HAYWARD) GLX-R-10PK$27.55Place Order
Fuse kit, 20A, 10 pack (for Aqua Rite/Trol before 11/04)88706Goldline Controls (HAYWARD) GLX-F20-10PK$7.15Place Order
Fuse kit, 20A/yellow, 10 pack (all Aqua Logic/Rite/Trol after 11/04)88707Goldline Controls (HAYWARD) GLX-F20A-10PK$8.10Place Order
Fuse kit, 3A/violet, 10 pack (Aqua Logic only)88708Goldline Controls (HAYWARD) GLX-F3A-10PK$7.25Place Order
Fuse holder kit (fuse holder & wires for Rite/Trol before 11/04)88709Goldline Controls (HAYWARD) GLX-FUSE-20$36.35Place Order
10K Temperature Sensor w/15' leads & hose clamp70692Goldline Controls (HAYWARD) GLX-PC-12-KIT$63.45Place Order
AQL2-BASE-RF extension 50'95688Hayward GLX-RF-EXTEND$159.25Place Order
Relay, 3 HP, for Aqua Logic only88711Goldline Controls (HAYWARD) GLX-RELAY$120.55Place Order
Power Supply, wall plug-in, for wireless White95689Hayward GLX-PWR-X  
Power Supply, wall plug-in, for wireless Black95690Hayward GLX-PWR-B$29.50Place Order
Cams (Set of 2)88611Goldline Controls (HAYWARD) GLX-GVA-2CAM$21.40Place Order
Mounting Screws (Set of 4)88612Goldline Controls (HAYWARD) GLX-GVA-4SCR$15.10Place Order
Flow switch (15' cable with tee)95691Hayward GLX-FLO$169.85Place Order
Flow Switch W/ 25' Cable95692Hayward GLX-FLO-25$191.35Place Order
120V/15 amp Twist Lock Pump Outlet95693Hayward GLX-TLOUTLET-20$107.00Place Order
120V/15 amp Pump Outlet95694Hayward GLX-OUTLET-15A$74.90Place Order
Battery Charger for Aqua Pod95695Hayward GLX-POD-CHGR$94.65Place Order
Stand for Cell Tester95696Hayward GLX-CELLTST-STD$565.95Place Order
Tester for all Turbo Cell Electrolytic Cells95697Hayward GLX-CELL-TESTER$1,117.70Place Order
Wireless Spaside Remote Control95698Hayward GLX-SS-RF$521.95Place Order