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Spare parts for 2 Wheel Pool Cleaner

2 Wheel Pool Cleaner

Part NameSKUMfr Part #Price
A - Tune Up Kit (Complete Skirt Set, Two Tires, Turbine Vanes) (Set of 6)54787The Pool Cleaner 896584000-426$87.75Place Order
A - Tune Up Kit (Complete Skirt Set, Two Tires, Turbine Vanes) (Set of 6) Gray93305The Pool Cleaner 896584000-730$96.50Place Order
B - Lower Body Rebuild Kit - 2 Wheel Cleaner
Includes Complete Lower Body with Gears and Turbine
62757The Pool Cleaner 896584000-686$182.10Place Order
1 - Screws, Shroud (Package of 3)54726The Pool Cleaner 896584000-204$10.20Place Order
2 - Shroud Kit, White (Shroud + 3 Screws)54727The Pool Cleaner 896584000-181$38.40Place Order
2 - Shroud Kit, Gray (Shroud + 3 Screws)56908The Pool Cleaner 896584000-600$36.15Place Order
3 - Upper Body Assembly,White Turbine Cover54728The Pool Cleaner 896584000-068$25.15Place Order
3 - Upper Body Assembly, Gray (Turbine Cover)56909The Pool Cleaner 896584000-549$21.10Place Order
4 - Turbine Vanes (Package of 6)54749The Pool Cleaner 896584000-167$14.65Place Order
5 - Wheel Hub, White54750The Pool Cleaner 896584000-051$25.95Place Order
5 - Wheel Hub, Gray56910The Pool Cleaner 896584000-532$27.65Place Order
6 - Front Tires, Blue (Package of 2)54751The Pool Cleaner 896584000-075$48.80Place Order
6 - Front Tires, Black (Package of 2)56911The Pool Cleaner 896584000-556$48.00Place Order
6 - Front Tires, Blue With Hump Package of 255219The Pool Cleaner 896584000-143$56.90Place Order
6 - Solid Front Tires, Black, With Hump (Package of 2)56912The Pool Cleaner 896584000-594$60.35Place Order
6 - Solid Front Tires, Blue, With Hump (Package of 2)56961The Pool Cleaner 896584000-334$74.90Place Order
7 - Wheel Bolt Kit (Package of 2)54732The Pool Cleaner 896584000-198$19.45Place Order
8 - Steering Slide Assembly54753The Pool Cleaner 896584000-136$59.15Place Order
9 - Front Skirt Set 'A', White (Package of 4)54754The Pool Cleaner 896584000-099$13.85Place Order
9 - Skirt Set 'A', Black (Package of 4)56913The Pool Cleaner 896584000-570$11.25Place Order
9A - Skirt Set W/ Optional Rollers, White (Package of 4)55089The Pool Cleaner 896584000-259$19.20Place Order
9A - Skirt Set W/ Optional Rollers, Black (Package of 4)56914The Pool Cleaner 896584000-655$21.30Place Order
10 - Large Drive Gear54777The Pool Cleaner 896584000-457$11.70Place Order
11 - Main Drive Gear54736The Pool Cleaner 896584000-112$40.70Place Order
12 - Hose Cone, White54737The Pool Cleaner 896584000-172$11.05Place Order
12 - Hose Cone, Black56916The Pool Cleaner 896584000-662$19.10Place Order
14,15 - Hose Pack 2 Wheel Cleaner, White (1 Leader + 9 Vacuum Hoses)54724Jacuzzi (CARVIN) 896584000-389$142.00Place Order
14 - Leader Hose, White54740The Pool Cleaner 896584000-211$17.90Place Order
15 - Vacuum Hose, White54761The Pool Cleaner 896584000-228$10.30Place Order
15 - Vacuum Hose, Gray56918The Pool Cleaner 896584000-624$15.45Place Order
16 - Float, Black ("C" Shaped - New Style)56919The Pool Cleaner 896584000-631$19.25Place Order
17 - Steering Cam 2 Wheel Cleaner54743The Pool Cleaner 896584000-235$14.05Place Order
18 - Brackets For Skirts, White (Set of 4)56920The Pool Cleaner 896584000-419$13.85Place Order
18 - Brackets For Skirts, Black (Set of 4)56921The Pool Cleaner 896584000-648$14.65Place Order
19 - Turbine Hub Kit, Includes Vanes56957The Pool Cleaner 896584000-365$41.00Place Order
Structural Body/Frame 2 Wheel Cleaner88578The Pool Cleaner 896584000-792$115.55Place Order
Water Gate (suction port door) White93314The Pool Cleaner 896584000-488$27.80Place Order
Water Gate (suction port door) Gray93315The Pool Cleaner 896584000-495$27.80Place Order
Super Hump Tires Blue for BIG Obstacles (2 per Kit)93316The Pool Cleaner 896584000-679$64.15Place Order
Super Hump Tires Black Limited Edition for BIG Obstacles (2 per Kit)93318The Pool Cleaner 896584000-723$63.30Place Order
2X Hose Pack (9 Vacuum Hoses + 1 Leader) White93322The Pool Cleaner 896584000-747$158.20Place Order
Solid Front Tire for Tile Pools (2 per Kit) Black Limited Edition93333The Pool Cleaner 896584000-716$63.60Place Order
2 Wheel Lower Body Gray Limited Edition EMPTY93335The Pool Cleaner 896584000-884  
2 Wheel Lower Body Gray Limited Edition FILLED93336The Pool Cleaner 896584000-754$331.20Place Order
Solid Super Hump Tires Blues (2 per kit)93341The Pool Cleaner 896584000-938$74.90Place Order
Solid Super Hump Tires Black (2 per kit)93342The Pool Cleaner 896584000-945$74.75Place Order
Adjustable Regulator Valve Black with Black Hose Cone93344The Pool Cleaner 896584000-969