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Hayward M1864
Xstream Cartridge Filter SystemT


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Hayward M1864 Xstream Cartridge Filter SystemT Description

Hayward Xstream Cartridge Filter System:
XStream size for an XStream Clean. Once you see the new XStream fltration from Hayward, you`ll be hooked. Its massive size and incredible performance mean years of trouble-free filtration. It has an extra large capacity for dirt and debris and a quick-release, high-capacity air relief valve. But size isn`t the only thing this filter's big on.
Hayward Xstream Cartridge Filter System Features:

  • Above-ground/on-ground pools
  • Designed specifically for the rigors of above-ground filtration
  • Engineered for easy use with flexible or rigid plumbing
  • Sleek, flush mounted pressure gauge
  • Quick release, high capacity air relief valve
  • Glass reinforced, non-corrosive Permaglass XL™ filter tank will provide years of trouble-free operation
  • Easy-Lok™ ring design allows quick access to all internal components in a single turn
  • Unique safety catch prevents over-tightening of the lid and efficiently secures the filter for high performance operation
  • Longer, more efficient filtering life. Larger filter body ensures an equal distribution of dirt and debris throughout the filtering element
  • Standard filter base
  • 1 1/2" hose packages include: two (2) 1 1/2" x 6' lengths of hose, hose adapters, hose clamps
  • Union connections

MODEL NUMBER Pump Filtration Area Flow Rate Turnover
12 hours
CC10092S1 HP Power-Flo 100 sqft.80gpm57,600 gallons
CC15093S1.5 HP Power-Flo150 sqft.120gpm86,400 gallons

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