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Waterway Plastics M5945
Viper Euro 50 Hz Pump


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Waterway Plastics M5945 Viper Euro 50 Hz Pump Description

Viper Euro 50 Hz Pump Features:

  • Ultra high performance Viper wet end specifically designed for 56-frame motors
  • Extra large 2 1/2" intake for improved flow performance and noise reduction
  • Large 8" diameter wet end to move higher volumes of water at lower pressures
  • Highly versatile wet end can be rotated every 90°

    Motor Features:

    • Water repellent Italian made EMG motor
    • 56-frame motor for added strength, cooler operating temperature and longer motor life
    • Two double shielded ball bearings with moisture resistant grease for quieter operation and longer life
    • Two-speed motors have four sets of insulated windings for increased efficiency
    • Split capacitor, (start and run) for less energy consumption
    • Thermally protected to extend life expectancy of motor
    • IPX5 construction

      Pump Features:

      • TUV listed
      • TUV J and J mini plug (optional)
      • Viton seals
      • Three year warranty