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Pentair 78887800
Vinyl Mounting Bracket, Aqualumin II

Item #: AM1964  UPC : 788379650667  MPN : 78887800



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Pentair 78887800 Vinyl Mounting Bracket, Aqualumin II Description

What better way to fully enjoy your pool than to relish its pleasures after the sun goes down? Now, it’s easier than ever to add after-dark drama and visual excitement to your vinyl pool with the AquaLumin II nicheless light. AquaLumin II provides bright, energy efficient illumination to enhance the beauty and safety of your nighttime swimming environment.

Thanks to its revolutionary ease of installation, AquaLumin II now makes lighting an affordable luxury for all vinyl pools. Want to create a different mood? Simply snap on a colored lens. No matter which color you choose, the AquaLumin II will fill your pool with a radiant glow from it's brilliant, double contact halogen quartz light.

Because it requires only a 3-inch hole in the pool wall, the AquaLumin II is the pool professional’s light of choice for retrofitting older pools. This revolutionary, patented design uses a mounting hub and bracket instead of a niche. This mounting design makes the Aqua-Lumin II considerably easier to install on vinyl liner pools than traditional design pool lights.

The small wall penetration by the AquaLumin II eliminates the need for pre-punched light panels, costly make-up panels and extra braces for vinyl pools.

* It is not recommended to use longer than a 50 foot cord on a 12 Volt Pentair Aqua-Lumin II light.

Pentair AquaLumin II Features:

  • Energy-efficient, cool blue halogen quartz lamp.
  • Photometrically designed tempered glass lens for beautiful underwater lighting.
  • Heat-sensing low water thermostat protects against operation when light is not submersed.
  • The AquaLumin II allows for easy professional installation in vinyl lined pools and spas.
  • Exclusive light rim design allows light location versatility, even on radiused walls.
  • Optional snap-on colored lenses available for the Pentair Aqua Lumin II light.