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Compool (PENTAIR) M1387
Valve Actuators

Item #: AMM1387  MPN : M1387



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Compool (PENTAIR) M1387 Valve Actuators Description

The CVA24 Valve Actuator from Compool allows your automated pool controller to turn your plumbing valves. Made for Compool Systems, this actuator is compatible with many different valves and control systems.

Compool - CVA24 Valve Actuator Features:

  • Bi-Directional motor.
  • Operates Compool, Ortega, or Jandy Valves.
  • Compatible with all 24 Volt AC control systems.
  • Corrosion proof enclosure ensures long service life.
  • 15 foot cable for ease of installation.
  • UL listed and ETL recognized.
  • Service switch for flow direction.

Compool - CVA24 Valve Actuator Specifications:

Mfg. # Voltage Cable Length Rotation Compatibility
263044 24 VAC 15 ft. 120 deg. 3 Port Compool PTV2Y Valve
263045 24 VAC 15 ft. 180 deg. 3 Port Compool / Ortega / Jandy Valves