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Pentair M4535
Vac-Mate Multi Function Vacuum Skimmer Attachment

Item #: AMM4535  MPN : M4535



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Pentair M4535 Vac-Mate Multi Function Vacuum Skimmer Attachment Description

The Pentair Vac-Mate is a wonderful device. It allows skimming of a pool while operating a suction side cleaner out of the same skimmer.

A multi-function vacuum/skimmer attachment. The addition of a Pentair Vac-Mate in most skimmers allows you to control a suction cleaner while maximizing surface skimming, all with one simple setting of the control handle.

Pentair Vac-Mate Skimmer Adaptor Features:

  • Skims pool surface continuously while cleaner is operating.
  • Traps debris in Vac-Mate basket before it reaches pump pot. Replaces most control mechanisms supplied with pool cleaners. Makes any suction type pool cleaner and wall skimmer fully automatic.
  • Three completely assembled models to fit most popular wall skimmers.
  • Heavy duty see-thru material for sighting debris in self-contained basket.

Pentair Vac-Mate Skimmer Adaptor Sizing Chart:

Skimmer Compatibility Chart
Pentair Pool Products* S-15VF, Certikin HD100; Filtrite SK950,910; Hayward SP1070; Jacuzzi PMP9411,9989; Kafko; Nally P1000; PoolRite; Quiptron; SwimQuip U3; Sta-Rite U3.
Hayward SP1076 thru SP1086 Skimmers
Pentair Pool Products (formerly Pac-Fab) Bermuda Skimmers
Adaptor Plate only for Pentair Pool Products Skimmer

* Requires R36060 Adaptor