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A.O. Smith M4094
Two Speed, Square Flange 48Y Frame Motor

Item #: AMM4094  MPN : M4094

$505.40 - $837.05

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A.O. Smith M4094 Two Speed, Square Flange 48Y Frame Motor Description

These quality A.O. Smith Square Flange Motors are found on many brands of pool pump. Some of these pool pump brands are Sta-Rite, American Products, Pentair, Waterco, Premier Springwater, Waterway, Jandy, Flotec, Red Jacket, Sears Jet, and others.

These motors directly replace the "original" motor that came with your pool pump. No pump manufacturer manufactures their own motors. We sell A.O. Smith motors because we have found them to be long lasting and reliable. A.O. Smith manufactured motors are the only brand of replacement motor we use in our local repair work.

In our chart below, we match "uprated" motors to their "full rated" equivalents. An uprated motor and a full rated motor are often the same motor with two different labels. We have attempted to simplify this with the chart below.

A.O. Smith Square Flange Motor Features:

  • All copper windings.
  • Automatic thermal protection,
  • Capacitor start.
  • Open drip proof design.
  • Stainless steel threaded shaft.
  • Sealed Ball Bearings.
  • Maximum Temperature 50 Degrees Celsius ambient.
  • 60 Hertz.
  • Single phase.
  • Two speed (3450/1725 RPM).
  • Rotation - CCW at Pump End.
A.O. Smith Square Flange Motor Cross Reference Chart:
* Stock
Full Rate
Volts Amps Service
Up Rate Number
Up Rate
Up Rate
Serv. Fact.
SQL1072R 3/4 - 1/8 Energy
115 12/4 1.85 - - -
SQS1072R 3/4 - 1/8 Standard 230 7.3/2.6 1.65 UQS1102R 1 - 1/6 1.25
SQS1102R 1 - 1/6 Standard 230 9.5/2.5 1.65 UQS1152R 1.5 - 1/4 1.1
SQS1152R 1.5 - 1/4 Energy
230 10.1/3.7 1.47 UQS1202R 2 - 1.3 1.1
SQS1202R 2 - 1/3 Energy
230 11.4/4.1 1.3 - - -

If you don't find the motor number you are looking for here, please call us. A.O. Smith also has a motor cross reference on their website.

A.O. Smith Square Flange Motor Warranty:

These Motors carry a warranty of 12 months from installation date or 24 months from date of manufacture, whichever comes first.