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Waterco M4457
Trimline Cartridge Filter

Item #: AMM4457  MPN : M4457

$226.00 - $406.80

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Waterco M4457 Trimline Cartridge Filter Description

The Waterco Trimline Cartridge Filter is constructed of high impact polypropylene for years of trouble free operation. The one piece injection molded tank and lock ring system allows for ease of maintenance.

Trimline Cartridge (Elements) Filters utilize a specially treated synthetic fabric which is pleated into a cartridge. Cartridge filters are ideal for applications where backwashing may not be practical.

Constructed from high impact polypropylene and designed for easy maintenance, Trimline Cartridge Filters will give years of trouble-free service.

The Trimline pleated filter cartridges are fabricated from pleated reusable polyester fabric. The media has been pleated to provide 4.6m2 to 9.3m 2 of surface area to maximize the cartridge (element) dirt holding capacity and extend the time between cleaning.

Material: Polyester Fabric material, Vinyl Plastisol end caps and a Polypropylene core.

Operating Temperature: 40O to 50OC

Maximum Pressure Drop: 20 kPa

  • Simple maintenance
  • One-piece molded construction
  • 10-year warranty (5 full + 5 pro-rata) tank warranty & 1 year on all other components)

Waterco Trimline Cartridge Filter Features:

  • 1-1/2" Slip x 2" SPG union design for easy installation.
  • 10 Year Tank Warranty; 5 Years Full and 5 Years pro-rated.

Waterco Trimline Cartridge Filter Sizing Chart:

Model #
Filter Area
Max Flow
*Max Turnover
50 Ft2
24 in.
50 PSI
50 GPM
16,000 Gal.
75 Ft2
28 in.
50 PSI
75 GPM
24,000 Gal.
100 Ft2
38 in.
50 PSI
100 GPM
32,000 Gal.
150 Ft2
38 in.
50 PSI
150 GPM
40,000 Gal.