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Texas Recreation M4216
Super Soft Pool Float

Item #: AMM4216  MPN : M4216



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Texas Recreation M4216 Super Soft Pool Float Description

This classic pool float is now even more comfortable and attractive. Soft and permanently buoyant, this float is made of honey-comb closed cell foam. The full circle pillow is fully reversible, and provides supreme comfort while relaxing in your pool. This is a high quality float that is made to last.

Super Soft Pool Float Features:

  • Very durable closed cell foam construction.
  • Patented full circle pillow to provide extra bouyancy in the head area.
  • One year factory Warranty

Super Soft Pool Float Sizing Chart:

26 Inches
6 Feet
2 Inches

Super Soft Pool Float Care Instructions:

  • Remove float from pool when not in use.
  • Store float away from direct sunlight when not in use.