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SmartPool M2418
Sun Heater Solar System for In-Ground Pool

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SmartPool M2418 Sun Heater Solar System for In-Ground Pool Description

Sun Heater Solar System Features:

  • Capable of raising pool water temperature 10°F or more!
  • Saves on pool heating bills.
  • Simple "do it yourself" installation.
  • No extra pump required.
  • 4' x 20' panel generates up to 80,000 BTUs daily.
  • Full 5 year warranty.

The SunHeater from SmartPools works by using the pool pump to pump water through the solar collectors. The water is then heated as it moves through the collectors.

A tube and web design traps the heat and catches light as the sun moves across the sky. The heated water is returned back to the pool through the return lines.

A properly sized and installed system will raise pool temperatures 10-15 degrees during the season. Collectors should get full sun for at least 6 hours. The longer the collectors are in the sun, the better they work.

You can enjoy your own pool with no fuel costs as you enjoy free heat from the sun. Sunheater is better than a gas heater; no gas lines; no gas bills; no electrical connections and no pollution.

Sunheater comes with a 5 year warranty.

Purchase one system kit per installation.

System Kit includes diverter valve, lead hoses, pipe adapters, vacuum relief brackets, screws, check valve, clamps and installation operation manual.

Sun Heater Solar System Sizing Chart:

Pool Size
# of Panels Required
BTU Output
15' x 30' 2 Panel Kits + 1 System Kit 160,000 BTU
16' x 36' 3 Panel Kits + 1 System Kit 240,000 BTU
20' x 40' 4 Panel Kits + 1 System Kit 320,000 BTU

Owners Manual for Sunheater