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Stranco 9660022
Strantrol - Becs ORP Probe- 10 Ft Cord

Item #: AM70812  MPN : 9660022



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Stranco 9660022 Strantrol - Becs ORP Probe- 10 Ft Cord Description


Our BECSys compatible replacement probes are made specifically for BECS Technology Controllers and follow the original manufacturer's specifications. This is an ORP replacement probe and is compatible with probes with part numbers of 9660022 and 9660023.

These high quality electrodes provide excellent performance at a superior value.


  • Rugged ORP sensor with a molded PPS body
  • BECSys compatible with probes 9660022/9660023
  • 1/2 inch NPT
  • Includes 10 foot cable
  • Limited One-Year Warranty

Keeping Your Sensors Clean

Your sensors should be cleaned regularly, depending on bather load and characteristics specific to your facility. It's a relatively easy process. First, turn off your controller and all feeders. Close flow cell valves. Remove the sensors from the flow cell by unscrewing by hand and disconnect connectors. Carefully place your sensors into a clean container with water to ensure the tip remains wet.

Next, using a soft toothbrush, gently scrub the white ring and the tips of the sensor (at bottom) with regular toothpaste. Any oil or calcium buildup should be scrubbed with a mild degreasing detergent. Once cleaned, you can rinse the probes with the clean water in your container. Replace Teflon tape (with new tape) and reinstall the sensors by hand tightening only. After reconnecting to the controller, you will need to manually test and balance your water.