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Gecko / Aqua-flo PL49530
Spaside Control, LA Spa (Gecko) TSC-44

Item #: AM121075  MPN : PL49530



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Gecko / Aqua-flo PL49530 Spaside Control, LA Spa (Gecko) TSC-44 Description

Spaside Control, LA Spa (Gecko) TSC44 SSPA, 8-Button, LCD, No Overlay, JST cord end.
TSC-44 Electronic Keypad
The quality leader in hot tubs and swim spas
Original LA Spa replacement control panel TSC-44 or TSC44. 7" x 3.25", For 2 pumps + blower, 6-buttons. Gecko SSPA-LA5, TSC-44-SL-NO. This topside will only work in place of an 8 button panel TSC-44 or K-71. This is not a replacement for a K-72. This panel was also made as a 10 button. Your topside can have 8 or 10 buttons but only use as few as 5 of them.
Additional Information

Will run 1 or 2 Pump System

Rectangular with LCD Display - 7" x 3.25"
No Overlay, 8 Button blank panel *You must purchase overlay for complete functionality. See suggested accessories below for overlay replacement.
8 Pin JST Connector w/ 10' Cord
This keypad is compatible with the following series/system(s) - LA Spas Proprietary By Gecko S-Class Systems
Alternate Part Numbers
  • PL-49530 (LA
  • Spas)
  • 3-00-7041
  • SSPA-LA5
  • TSC-44-S
  • TSC-44-SL-NO