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Pentair 263047
Solar Valve - 3-Way CPVC w/ Drain-Down

Item #: AM22902  UPC : 788379687694  MPN : 263047



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This is an obsolete Item

Pentair 263047 Solar Valve - 3-Way CPVC w/ Drain-Down Description

Lube-free valves offer performance and value

You don't have to sacrifice operating performance and reliability to take advantage of attractive pricing on our new "lube-free" valves. Used for diverting, shutoff, or mixing applications these valves have excellent flow characteristics manufactured to the same strict quality standards as all other Pentair components and accessories.

For the ultimate in pool operation convenience, these new Pentair valves can also be paired with a Compool valve actuator to provide fully automated valve operation.

Additional features include:

  • Available in CPVC or PVC.
  • Maintenance-free diverter seal.
  • Optimum positive-seal.
  • High flow rate.
  • Fiberglass reinforced handle.
  • Withstands pressure up to 150 psi.
  • Chemical-resistant.
  • 2" slip x 2-1/2" spigot.