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Waterco M2909
S-SERIES Fiberglass Sand Filter w/ Top Mount Dial Valve

Item #: AMM2909  MPN : M2909

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Waterco M2909 S-SERIES Fiberglass Sand Filter w/ Top Mount Dial Valve Description

Own a high quality sand filter from Waterco.

While other manufactures shorten their warranties, Waterco still offers a ten year tank warranty on it's top mount sand filters.

Here at Aqua-man we install many of these every year. We are usually replacing lesser quality filters from other manufacturers.

The Micron's fiberglass wound tank is perfectly suited to the constant increases an decreases in pressure experienced by sand filters. In fact, accelerated cyclic testing has shown that even after 20 years the Micron withstands cyclic wear and tear better than most other filters in its class. With the use of corrosion resistant abrasion proof materials and state-of-the-art fabrication techniques, Waterco has produced a virtually maintenance free filter able to stand up to environmental extremes.

Waterco is proud to show it's ultimate confidence in the Micron sand filters by offering a full 10 year tank Warranty.

All of our Waterco sand filters come complete with a multiport backwash valve.

Waterco Top Mount Sand Filter Sizing Chart:

Model #
DiameterHeightFilter AreaSand Reqd. Max Flow*Max Pool SizeValve
S60024 in. 38 in.3.1 Sq. Ft.350 Lbs.62 GPM 22,500 Gal. 1.5 in./6 Way
S75030 in.45 in.4.9 Sq. Ft. 480 Lbs.98 GPM35,000 Gal.2 in./6 Way
S90036 in. 48.67.1800 Lbs.140 GPM 50,000 Gal.2 in./6 Way
*Maximum pool size based on 6 hour turn over.
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