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Raypak 013731
Professional Series ASME Digital Brass Heater; 0-2000 ft Elevation, Natural

Quick Overview

  • Spark-to-Pilot Ignition
  • Cupro-Nickel Finned-Tube Heat Exchanger
  • 50 state ASME compliant
  • Model# B-R408-EN-X

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Item #: AM94280  UPC : 840891029731  MPN : 013731



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Raypak 013731 Professional Series ASME Digital Brass Heater; 0-2000 ft Elevation, Natural Description

Raypak B-R408A Professional Series ASME Digital Brass Pool Heater; 0-2000 ft Elevation, 399000, Natural, #50 Burner, Cupro-Nickel Tubing.

Product Features

  • Microprocessor - Control is more precise than mechanical systems. It controls temperatures for pool and spa settings and stores diagnostic information for service technicians
  • Robust Burner - Design is Raypak’s specialty. The Professional series heater can withstand fluctuating and varying gas pressures. The burner is self-adjusting and always yields a perfect flame
  • Stainless Steel - Is used liberally through-out the Professional series pool heater. Raypak spared no expense to ensure that any area that could be compromised by harsh environments would stand the test of time.
  • Heat Exchanger - With brass headers and cupronickel tubes for maximum protection against the toughest pool applications. Excellent for salt chlorine generated pools. ASME certified & National Board Registered
  • Burner Tray - Constructed entirely of stainless steel. Every detail has been looked at, down to every nut and bolt, and made of stainless steel. This burner tray is built to last
  • Condensation Protection - The Unitherm Governor system along with a spring loaded bypass to maintain the perfect flow through the heat exchanger
  • Spark-to-Pilot Ignition - The most reliable and safe ignition system in use today
  • Cupro-Nickel Finned-Tube Heat Exchanger - Is at the heart of the Raypak Professional series heater. The competition doesn’t stand a chance against its fat 0.065 tubing walls. Raypak also uses integral fin tube, meaning it’s all one piece of material
  • Wiring Sheath - Is standard construction on all exposed wiring. This helps prevent rodent damage and other associated issues that can damage the wiring. Not to mention it looks very clean and tight.
  • Flow Switch and T&P - Are standard equipment on the Raypak Professional. This makes the unit 50 state ASME compliant right out of the box. Also, having a flow switch eliminates pressure issues from elevated pools.

Product Specifications

Amperage Draw4 A at 120 V, 2 A at 240 V
BTUH Input399000
Burner Orifice Size#50
Cabinet Depth28 Inch
Cabinet Height38 Inch
Cabinet Width29 Inch
Control TypeDigital Electronic
Elevation0 - 2000 ft
Flow Rate125 gpm
Flue Diameter9 Inch
Frequency Rating60 Hz
Gas Connection3/4 Inch NPT
Gas TypeNatural
Indoor Drafthood64-1/2 Inch
ItemPool Heater
Minimum12-1/8 Inch
Model NumberB-R408A-EN-X #50
Stackless Outdoor Top  40 Inch
Standards ApprovalsASME Certified
Tubing MaterialCupro-Nickel
Voltage Rating120/240 V
Water Connection2 Inch NPT