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poolrock.com M2885
Poolrock Medium Landscape Rock



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poolrock.com M2885 Poolrock Medium Landscape Rock Description

This is a beautiful Medium Landscaping Rock from Poolrock.

This high quality artificial rock waterfall looks like the real thing, yet can be installed in minutes. Molded from natural rock features found in the Rocky Mountain range, the realism of the rocks is hard to believe. The color and texture detail of our product is faithful to the original to enhance the rock appearance. The surface is so realistic it looks like mother nature made it herself.

This art-quality Poolrock Medium Landscaping Rock is handcrafted here locally in Tucson, not mass produced overseas. They are handmade and hand inspected for flaws by master craftsmen. Each piece is custom made to your order, so if you desire special coloring please inquire.

Each Medium Landscaping Rock is made from the highest quality materials available. Made to last for years and still look beautiful. In accelerated testing the base color did not fade after 10 years worth of simulated outdoor conditions.

Poolrock Medium Landscaping Rock Features:

  • Handmade, hand stained and hand inspected to your order by master craftsmen.
  • Made locally in Tucson by a company we know and trust. They will take care of you long after the sale!
  • The Medium Landscaping Rock is made from FDA grade resins that will not outgas toxins or contaminants after curing.
  • Made from isophalic resins and fibers, this rock will not absorb water. Which means it will not crack in cold weather.
  • Made with only "Hard" resins and fibers, the material is higher quality than a Corvette exterior panel.
  • The acrylic stains used for coloring are the highest quality and resist fading and weathering.
  • Five year factory warranty.

Poolrock Medium Landscaping Rock Information Chart:

1 Foot 10 Inches
1 Foot 2 Inches
2 Feet 5 Inches
15 Lbs.
30 Lbs.