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Natural Chemistry 05141
Pool Magic + PhosFree

Item #: AM2968  UPC : 717108051413  MPN : 05141



 Not Available
This is an obsolete Item

Natural Chemistry 05141 Pool Magic + PhosFree Description

Close your pool with Pool Magic and next spring youll enjoy Clear Perfect Water with half the time and work! We are not exaggerating when we say your spring opening will be hassle-free and take less time.

Natural Chemistry - Pool Magic + PhosFree Benefits:

  • No phosphate build-up.
  • Provides fast easy start-up.
  • Keeps phosphates low during off-season.
  • Prevents waterline ring.
  • Great way to close your pool.
  • Excellent initial step for pools with phosphate levels 600ppb and below.
  • Preserves pool liners & finishes.
  • Makes water feel soft & silky