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Waterway Plastics M1391
Poly Gunite Spa Jet Body Assembly

Item #: AMM1391  MPN : M1391

$6.50 - $18.50

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Waterway Plastics M1391 Poly Gunite Spa Jet Body Assembly Description

Waterway Poly Gunite Jets

These full featured spas jets overcome many of the traditional problems common with jets for gunite spas. The unique and innovative design moved the orifice up towards the jet face and allows the use of a wide variety of jet internals not traditionally usable on concrete (gunite) spas.

Waterway Poly Gunite Jet Features

  • Can be put through almost any thickness of spa wall.
  • Can be used with a large variety of jet internals
  • Jet internals can be changed easily after installation.

Product Specifications

BrandWaterway Plastics
Connection Size  1-1/2 Inch Spigot (Air) x 2 Inch Spigot (Water)
Finish ColorWhite
For Use WithPoly Storm Gunite Jet
IncludesThreaded Ring, Niche
ItemTee Body Assembly