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Laing Thermotech LHB08260001
Plug In Timer for E1/E3

Item #: AM97070  MPN : LHB08260001



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Laing Thermotech LHB08260001 Plug In Timer for E1/E3 Description

Ideal for increasing the efficiency of your LAING THERMOTECH E series water pump, this timer is easy to install without any wiring. Just plug the unit into the pump and then set the timer schedule. You can set the timer to On, Off, or Timer mode. The On selection lets you operate the pump continuously, the Off mode shuts pump down, and the Timer selection turns the pump on/off according to how you’ve programmed the unit.

Product Details

  • Timer can be installed on all E1/E3 Series pumps
  • Increases efficiency of domestic hot water recirculating system and reduces water wasted while waiting for hot water
  • Timer is easily installed by removing the motor end cap, plugging in the timer and setting the schedule without any wiring
  • Can be used in 3 different selections: On, Off, and Timer
  • Internally powered by E Series circulating pump
  • Minimum switch interval is 30 minutes

Technical Specs

  • Item Timer
  • Phase1
  • Voltage115-120 V AC
  • Description/Special Features Plug-In
  • For Use With5JKG1, 5JKG2, 5JKG5, 5JKH0, 5JKH1, LHB08100081, LHB08100085