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Hayward M5056
NorthStar Max Rated PumpT

This is an obsolete Item
Item# Name MPN Stock/Price Replaced By
55246 NorthStar Max Rated Pump 1 HP, 115/230 V SP4007X10NS Obsolete 96590
55247 NorthStar Max Rated Pump 1-1/2 HP, 115/230 V SP4010X15NS Obsolete 96543
55248 NorthStar Max Rated Pump 2 HP, 115/230 V SP4015X20NS Obsolete 96591
55249 NorthStar Max Rated Pump 2-1/2 HP, 230 V SP4020X25NS Obsolete 96592
55250 NorthStar Max Rated Pump 3 HP, 230 V SP4025X30NS Obsolete 96594

Hayward M5056 NorthStar Max Rated PumpT Description

Hayward Northstar Pool Pump

Designed for today's most demanding installations, the Northstar pump from Hayward sets a new standard of performance for swimming pool pumps. This pump is performance designed to maximize flow and minimize noise, while simplifying service and installation.

Hayward Northstar Pool Pump Features:

  • Rugged one piece strainer housing molded of corrosion proof PermaGlass XL for extra durability and long life.
  • Exclusive balance of quiet operation and superior flow.
  • Self-lifting Quad-Lock technology at all sealing areas makes service a snap.
  • CPVC union connections on plumbing makes for easy installation and serviceability.
  • Massive strainer basket for ease of maintenance.
  • Self priming.