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Weather-Out, Inc. WOMOUSE
Mouse-Away Pouch


Reg. Price: $9.42

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Weather-Out, Inc. WOMOUSE Mouse-Away Pouch Description

This all natural product consists of a special blend of essential oils contained in a versatile muslin bag. These oils, while not offensive to humans and nontoxic, are very irritating to pests like mice and rats. Rodents have a very keen sense of smell and this is exactly what MouseAway uses against them. For those people that wish to avoid poisons, which can easily harm children or family pets, as well as traps, which are cruel and messy, MouseAway is the product for them. Formulated by people knowledgable in the pool industry, you will be thrilled with the effectiveness of this product.

To prevent costly and troublesome damage to expensive mesh safety covers, just place a MouseAway pouch in with the cover when stored. Rodents will be repelled by the scented pouch and perform their costly nesting behavior somewhere else. For pool heaters hang a MouseAway pouch in the heater (keep away from open flames), especially during the spring and fall when rodents are looking for places to nest. Perfect underneath a Weather-Out heater cover. Enjoy the comfort in knowing that rodents will not choose this heater to nest in, and messy time-consuming damage will be avoided.

Any way you decide to use these very effective all natural pouches you will realize the profit and security in knowing you did the most for your customers, while avoiding some aggravating headaches yourself.