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Hayward SPX0125Z44
Motor Cap Screw (Set of 4)

Item #: AM14087  UPC : 610377033459  MPN : SPX0125Z44



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This is an obsolete Item

Hayward SPX0125Z44 Motor Cap Screw (Set of 4) Description

Motor Cap Screw For NorthStar SP4000/SP4000X, Super II SP3000/SP3000X Pump Series.

Product Specifications

For Use WithSuper II(TM) SP3000/SP3000X Pump Series, MaxFlo SP2800X Pump Series, Super Pump VS 700 Omni, Super Pump VS, Super Pump VS SP2600VSP
Item NameHayward Motor Cap Screw
Packaging Quantity  Set of 4
TypePump Parts and Accessories