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Waterway Plastics M5685
Mini Storm Jet -Multi Massage Internal,S

Item #: AMM5685  MPN : M5685



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Waterway Plastics M5685 Mini Storm Jet -Multi Massage Internal,S Description

Mini Storm Jet Multi Massage Jet Internal Features

  • Front face diameter of 3" across.
  • Smooth Plastic Jet Face.
  • There is a large face version with a 3-5/16" front face diameter - these are interchangeable with the standard size.
  • Comes with a 5/16" Orifice for a recommended flow rate of 9-12 gallons per minute.

This jet internal is part of the Mini Storm Jet series. All the Mini Storm Jet internals are interchangeable, so you can "mix and match" them.

This jet has multiple water outlets for a "shower massage" effect. This jet has a comfort adjustment as well, when you rotate the front face of the jet you can adjust the amount of water let into the jet.