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C.G. Air Systems M2915
Millenium Blower

$27.32 - $212.04

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C.G. Air Systems M2915 Millenium Blower Description

• Adaptability: The Millenium is small and light
• Heat: The ceramic heater preheats air for body comfort (300w)
• Tranquility: The Millenium motor rubber mounts absorb 95% of the motor vibration
• Performance: Twice as powerful as a conventional blower
• Memory: The Millenium blower can use a wide variety of air or electronic controls
• Quietness: The silencer integrated on the Millenium reduces noise to a minimum
• 4 pin amp 36" cord

This blower works on all pipe sizes from 1" to 2" pvc. Due to it’s internal design standard replacement air blower motors should not be used on this Millenium Blower.

Please Note:
Maximum blower size for 1-1/2" pvc pipe is 1 Hp except for the Millenium blower