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Martin Brass M5110
Martin 100 Series Bronze Pool Pump Wet End

Item #: AMM5110  MPN : M5110

$820.85 - $1,546.50

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This is an obsolete Item

Martin Brass M5110 Martin 100 Series Bronze Pool Pump Wet End Description

While many of the bronze pool pumps are no longer being manufactured, here at Aqua-man we are still providing a high quality bronze pump wet end at discount price.

This bronze pool pump wet end is an excellent replacement for the Aqua-Flo A Series Pump, the Premier Springwater 455 Pump, the Anthony Bronze Pump, the Purex Bronze Pump and other bronze pool pumps.

The durability and debris handling capacity of this bronze pool pump wet end are hard to beat.

The Martin 100 Series Pump. A long-standing tradition of the highest standards, guaranteed virtually maintenance free and easy to install! The Martin 100 Series Bronze alloy is produced from a special bronze alloy – offering the best quality at a low cost. It is the perfect bronze pump for any spa or pool application. Pressure tested for maximum performance quality Martin Pump’s improved pump design has a self priming feature built in. The unique improved design of the 100 Series Pump maximizes:

  • Performance
  • Durability
  • Resistance to Chemicals
  • Resistance to Corrosion
  • Reliability
  • Flow Rate
  • Quiet Operation

The 100 Series is available with 5? and 6? traps and features all stainless steel fasteners. Liquid End Pump and motor can be sold separately!

Standard Bronze Pool Pump Warranty:

This Standard Bronze Pool Pump has a 3 Year Manufacturer Supported Warranty.