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M820 Automated Dual ORP & pH Controller

Item #: AM97290  UPC : 852255005015  MPN : IPS-M820



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IPS IPS-M820 M820 Automated Dual ORP & pH Controller Description

IPS-M820 Automated Dual ORP & pH Controller For Muriatic Acid or CO2; 110/230 VAC.

Product Features

  • Maintain consistent pH and sanitizer levels through out the day, assuring the chemicals are balanced and the water is clean and clear
  • Push button overfeed adjustment
  • Push button high/low alert adjustment
  • Compatible with all sanitizing methods
  • Gold tipped ORP probe for salt pools
  • Dual ORP, for secondary sanitizer or backup for liquid systems
  • Lock out feature
  • Temperature monitoring and display
  • 7 - 8 pH set level
  • 400-900 ORP set level
  • 1.99 min delay time
  • Automatically monitor, adjust and dispense the correct amount of chemicals based on user demand
  • 2 tank level input
  • M820 offers automated control of pH with the convenience of the unique dual ORP, allowing operators to install multiple output devices on the same pool
  • Can use a primary sanitizer, such as salt chlorine generator, with a secondary sanitizer, such as liquid chlorine, for rapid response to increased bather load
  • The second ORP may also be used as a safety backup
  • Quick and simple to operate, easy installation right out of the box and system set up takes just minutes
  • Optional wireless internet access
  • Default high/low alert settings
  • Readout LED with digital display

Product Specifications

ApplicationFor pools, spas and water features of all sizes, anywhere hotels, condominiums, aquatic centers, schools, public facilities, homes
BrandIPS Controllers
DimensionMounting: Standard 16 Inch x 12 Inch Board
For Use WithMuriatic Acid or CO2
ItemDual ORP & pH Controller
Standards Approvals  NSF Certified
Voltage Rating110/230 VAC