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LX100EZTL Control System

This is an obsolete Item

Compool (PENTAIR) LX100EZTL LX100EZTL Control System Description

Compool Easytouch LX100EZTL Shared Equipment Control System:

The new EasyTouch®® family offers a new level of control for homeowner’s looking for an affordable, easy to use pool/spa control system. EasyTouch® allows full control of all pool/spa features including advanced features such as colored lighting and IntelliChlor™ chlorine generator support. Every EasyTouch® system includes an easy to use control panel that is built into the outdoor enclosure. This control panel allows for full system setup, programmability, and everyday operation. The EasyTouch® systems come in a variety of configurations: Pool only or Spa only, Pool/Spa with shared equipment, and also integrated with Pentair’s unique IntelliChlor salt chlorine generator.

The Compool Easytouch LX100EZTL Control System is designed for use with pools and spas which share a common filtration system.

The only difference between the Compool LX100EZT and the Compool LX100EZTL is that the Compool Easytouch LX100EZTL includes a 100 amp subpanel and the Compool LX100EZT does not.

Compool LX100EZTL Shared Equipment Control System Features:

  • All functions controlled with easy, one-button access from the self-contained load center or optional controllers
  • No need to memorize operating sequences, open and close valves, or reset time clocks and thermostats
  • Allows full programmability of every day pool and spa equipment operation for optimum efficiency and variable pool/spa usage patterns
  • Built-in diagnostics include automatic verification of the display, microprocessor, switches, indicators, relay outputs, valve outputs, sensor inputs, and communication ports as well as a diagnostic screen that reports failures for troubleshooting and repair purposes
  • Interfaces with the new IntelliChlor™ automatic chlorine generator
  • Optional controllers for added convenience - Indoor control panel (for 4 or 8 circuit systems), Wireless controller (for 4 or 8 circuit systems), QuickTouch 4-function wireless remote, Four-function spa-side remote
Compool Easytouch LX100EZTL Shared Equipment Control System Contents:
  • Control Panel with mechanical time clock
  • (2) Valve Actuators
  • Water Temperature Sensor
  • 4 Function hand held remote control
  • 100 amp circuit breaker subpanel

Compool Easytouch LX100EZTL Shared Equipment Control System Specifications:

Model Number System
Will Control
Voltage Circuit
LX100EZTLFilter + 3 Auxiliaries4 / 6115v / 230v 4 @ 230v 20 2 / 3