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American Products (PENTAIR) M5682
Luxury Micro Jet - Directional Internal,

Item #: AMM5682  MPN : M5682

$4.30 - $5.15

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American Products (PENTAIR) M5682 Luxury Micro Jet - Directional Internal, Description

The Luxury Micro Jet Internal is distinctive looking with 2 long "fingers" extending from the back of the jet internal and two small holding clips on the sides.

NOTE: If your jet has four equal length "fingers" it is not this jet - but is likely to be the Waterway Adjustable Mini Jet instead.

A good way to identify this jet is the "Half Moon" shaped orifice. Behind the jet internal is a half moon shaped orifice instead of the round one found in most jets.

Luxury Micro Jet Directional Spa Jet Internal Features:

  • Textured Plastic Jet Face with Finger Grip Scallops.
  • Designed to go through a 1-5/8" hole in the spa shell.
  • Front face diameter of approximately 2-1/2".

This jet internal is part of the Luxury Micro Spa Jet series. All the Luxury Micro Jet internals are interchangeable, so you can "mix and match" them.

This jet has a single directional water outlet. This jet has a comfort adjustment as well, when you rotate the front face of the jet you can adjust the amount of water let into the jet.