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American Products (PENTAIR) M5681
Luxury Micro Jet - Adjustable Swirl Inte

Item #: AMM5681  MPN : M5681

$7.05 - $9.40

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American Products (PENTAIR) M5681 Luxury Micro Jet - Adjustable Swirl Inte Description

The Luxury Micro Jet Internal is distinctive looking with 2 long "fingers" extending from the back of the jet internal and two small holding clips on the sides.

NOTE: If your jet has four equal length "fingers" it is not this jet - but is likely to be the Waterway Adjustable Mini Jet instead.

A good way to identify this jet is the "Half Moon" shaped orifice. Behind the jet internal is a half moon shaped orifice instead of the round one found in most jets.

Luxury Micro Jet Swirl Spa Jet Internal Features:

  • Textured Plastic Jet Face with Finger Grip Scallops.
  • Designed to go through a 1-5/8" hole in the spa shell.
  • Front face diameter of approximately 2-1/2".

This jet internal is part of the Luxury Micro Spa Jet series. All the Luxury Micro Jet internals are interchangeable, so you can "mix and match" them.

This jet has a single rotating water outlet. This jet has a comfort adjustment as well, when you rotate the front face of the jet you can adjust the amount of water let into the jet.

Product Specifications

Installation TypeSnap In
ManufacturerBalboa Water Group
Jet Part TypeInternal
ModelLuxury Micro
Face Diameter2-1/2"
Nozzle Diameter  1-11/16"
Base Diameter1-3/8"
Total Length1-15/16"
Internal TypeRoto
Face StyleTextured Scalloped