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Fiberstars CLSSFK25-50
LED Star Floor kit with 25

Item #: AM55852  MPN : CLSSFK25-50



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Fiberstars CLSSFK25-50 LED Star Floor kit with 25 Description

The Fiberstars Star Floor Kit is an easy way of creating fiber optic points of light in floors, swim outs and steps for the gunite pool builder. Fiberstars has taken the custom job and created two unique and easily installed kits for the gunite pool. Star Floor Kits work with any interior surface materials. They come with 25 Points of Light, 2 Strands of Fiber at Each Point, LED Light Driver, 100 ft of 12 V Cable and Deck Box. Now it is easy to add the twinkle in any gunite pool.

These accessory lights may be added to new or existing light systems and will not work without an illuminator.