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Waterway Plastics M5405
Iron Might Spa Circulation Pump

Item #: AMM5405  MPN : M5405

$272.70 - $314.40

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Waterway Plastics M5405 Iron Might Spa Circulation Pump Description

Iron Might Spa Circulation Pump

The Iron Might is a side discharge spa circulation pump from Waterway that is also marketed as the Superfalls pond pump.

Built around a 1/8 horsepower 48 frame spa pump motor, this circulation pump is capable af moving 40 gallons per minute.


  • 24-hour circulation
  • 48-frame proven design
  • Side discharge for optimum flow
  • Multiple union assemblies available
  • Delivers 40 GPM
  • ¹/15 HP
  • Only 1.3 Amps
  • Silicone carbide seals, Viton bellows, 316SS casing
  • 1 1/2" Intake and Discharge

Product Specifications

Amperage Rating1.3 A
BrandWaterway Plastics
Connection Size1-1/2 Inch Intake & Discharge
Flow Rate40 gpm
Frequency Rating115V - 60 Hz, 230V 50 / 60 Hz
HP Rating1/15 HP
Item48-Frame Circulating Pump
Motor Speed1-Speed
Sub BrandIron Might
Voltage Rating115 V and 230V