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Pentair M5683
IntelliChlor Salt Cells

Item #: AMM5683  MPN : M5683

$1,142.05 - $1,924.95

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Pentair M5683 IntelliChlor Salt Cells Description

These are genuine Pentair Intellichlor salt cells, not generic replacements. The cells listed are the IC20 & IC40 cells, which are made for pools up to 20k and 40k gallons respectively. These cells are meant for replacement in existing IntelliChlor systems. With union connections on both ends, cell replacement is very simple. No tools are required to replace the cell!

Intellichlor Salt Cell Features:

  • Titanium electrode cell blades coated in Ruthenium oxide.
  • Totally waterproofed electronics for maximum reliability.
  • Union inlet and outlet connections make cell replacement fast and easy.
  • UL listed.