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Phoenix Precast Products HOB
Horse Concrete Animal Bench

Item #: AM54682  MPN : HOB



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Phoenix Precast Products HOB Horse Concrete Animal Bench Description

Bring a little bit of the polo club to your lawn or garden with our Horse Animal Bench. This stately equine is a sure hit in any outdoor setting. This high quality concrete bench is going to add class wherever you choose to put it. Paired with some of our other animal benches, you can get quite the outdoor menagerie.

This wonderful concrete horse bench is generously sized at over 6 feet long and nearly 2 feet wide.

All of our standard concrete products contain small air pockets due to our production process. Animal bench tops are relatively free of any air pockets and smoother than the vertical sides of our products. For their protection and durability, our concrete garden benches include concrete sealant. Many of our competitor's benches come without sealant.

Horse Concrete Animal Banch Features:

Horse Garden Bench
6 Feet 4 Inches
3 Foot 5 Inches
1 Foot 10 Inches
889 Lbs.


All our Concrete benches are warranted for (2) years from delivery date against any manufacturing defect or structural failure. Small stress cracks and surface crazing are a natural occurrence in concrete and not covered by warranty.