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Confer Plastics 7000X
Heavy-Duty A-Frame In-Pool Ladder With Barrier, Plastic, Beige

Item #: AM102793  UPC : 009132700048  MPN : 7000X



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Confer Plastics 7000X Heavy-Duty A-Frame In-Pool Ladder With Barrier, Plastic, Beige Description

Adjustable, Heavy-Duty A-Frame In-Pool Ladder with Barrier, Plastic, Beige, Capacity: 300 lb.

Product Features

  • Heavy duty construction: Unique one piece handrail/leg design will hold 300lb
  • Safety first ladder now comes complete with a padlock for added safety benefit
  • 7000-EXT Extension kit available for 56 Inch tall pools
  • Features an anti-entrapment barrier
  • Weight guideline 300 lb
  • Fits 48 Inch to 54 Inch above ground pools
  • Treads measure 5 Inch x 18 Inch wide
  • Five evenly spaced steps make climbing the ladder easier
  • Most other adjustable ladders increase the space between the bottom step and the next step when installed in a 53 Inch or 54 Inch pool
  • Outer steps swing up and lock into upright position
  • Some building inspectors now require this instead of a lift-off ladder section
  • No sand required, just fill with water to prevent floating. Most other ladders use a bag filled with sand
  • Converts to an in-pool ladder with optional CK100 Kit: Just cut ladder to desired length
  • Two tone color white and grey which complements today's pools
  • Competitively priced compare all of our features with other manufacturers' ladders

Product Specifications

BrandConfer Plastics
Capacity300 lb
For Use with48 Inch to 56 Inch Above Ground Pools
Includes(4) Handrail, (2) Bottom & (8) Upper Tread, (1) Lest & Right Tread Connector, (1) Deck Platform with (4) Wedge Attached, Hardware Kit
ItemA-Frame In-Pool Ladder with Barrier
Standards Approvals  ANSI-APSP Standard
TypeAdjustable, Heavy-Duty