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Hayward M6033
Hayward SwimClear Cartridge Filter

Item #: AMM6033  MPN : M6033

$1,209.55 - $2,243.20

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Hayward M6033 Hayward SwimClear Cartridge Filter Description

Own a SwimClear Cartridge Filter from Hayward Pool products.

Utilizing a cluster of four reusable cartridge elements, SwimClear filters offer many square feet of heavy-duty dirt-holding capacity for extra-long filter cycles. This can mean up to an entire season without cleaning.

With filter tanks constructed of improved PermaGlass XL™ material, SwimClear filters will provide years of trouble-free operation and crystal clear, sparkling water.


● PermaGlass XL™ filter tanks made from extra durable glass reinforced co-polymer to meet the demands of the toughest applications and environmental conditions, including in-floor cleaning systems.

● Heavy-duty, tamper-proof, one-piece clamp securely fastens tank top and bottom. Allows quick access to all internal components without disturbing piping or connections.

● Non-corrosive top closure plate prevents elements from lifting and prevents unfiltered water from by-passing into pool or spa during operation. .

● 2" full-flow internal piping and plumbing for less resistance to flow and maximum performance for your SwimClear Cartridge Filter.

● Quad-Cluster of high-quality polyester cartridge elements provide 225, 325, 425 or 525 square feet of filter area for extra dirt-holding capacity and long, long filter cycles.

● PVC union coupling connection accepts 1 1/2" or 2" piping for plumbing versatility.

● Self-Aligned tank top and bottom make access to serving the Quad-ClusterTM cartridge elements in the SwimClear Cartridge Filter fast and simple

● Full size 1 1/2" integral drain allows for fast, 100% clean-out and easier flushing of tank.

● One Year Warranty.

Sizing Chart:

Model #
Filter Area
Max Flow
*Max Turnover
23 in.
32.5 in.
225 Sq.Ft.
84 GPM
108,000 Gal.
23 in.
34.5 in.
325 Sq.Ft.
122 GPM
156,000 Gal.
23 in.
40.5 in.
425 Sq.Ft.
150 GPM
204,000 Gal.
23 in.
46.5 in.
525 Sq.Ft.
150 GPM
252,000 Gal.

* Maximum turnover based on 8 hour run time.