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poolrock.com M2227
Grotto Deck Rock



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poolrock.com M2227 Grotto Deck Rock Description

These high quality boulders are molded directly from real rocks found in the Rocky Mountain range. They are lightweight, yet strong. Made from super-tough fiberglass with molded in colors. Available in sand , grey granite, and Sedona red. Inside Dimension 25.5"H x 28"W x 41"D Outside Dimension 32.5"H x 40"W x 54"D WT 80 lbs
PoolRock waterfalls and fountains are delivered to you as completed products, ready to place and enjoy... they don't require a crew of workers and a crane! PoolRock manufactures art-quality fiberglass rock that is available in boulders, fountains, and waterfalls. Their products are not built at your house....they arrive in protective packaging ready to be placed. Original patterns were created by molding directly from interesting surface features found in the Rocky Mountain range. The detail of our product is faithful to the original to enhance the rock appearance. The surface is so realistic it is hard to believe that they were not made by nature. The molded in colors allow for exact reproduction of original rock textures. The PoolRock craftsmen use state-of-the-art equipment, resins, and techniques to ensure the highest quality product. The base color is molded into the product to give you a realistic feel and provide a long lasting finish. We use 100% FDA food grade resins in our fiber