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Hayward GVA-24
Goldline Valve Actuator, 24V, .75A, 15 Cord

Item #: AM56201  UPC : 761418002139  MPN : GVA-24



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Hayward GVA-24 Goldline Valve Actuator, 24V, .75A, 15 Cord Description

Hayward Goldine Valve Actuator

The GVA-24 Goldline Valve Actuator rotates 2-port and 3-port valves automatically. Use it with the Aqua Logic system to automate pool/spa operation, cleaner operation, water features, or a variety of other uses. The industry standard configuration of the GVA-24 means that it is compatible with all major manufacturer`s valves and pool automation systems. The unique cam setting feature ensures a quick and easy installation with the precise control of water flow.

Hayward Goldline Valve Actuator Features:

  • Industry standard configuration: use with Hayward, Jandy, or Compool valves.
  • Operates 2-port or 3-port valves.
  • 24 VAC Power.
  • Easy to adjust cams allow actuator to be mounted in any position.
  • Manual switch is mounted underneath actuator to minimize tampering.
  • Allows manual rotation in the event of a power outage.
  • Highest torque rating available.
  • 20 ft. cable with industry standard plug.
  • UL and CUL Listed.
  • 24 VAC Power.

Product Specifications

Amperage Rating  75 A
For Use WithOmniLogic(R), ProLogic(R), AquaPlus(R), E-Command(R) 4 or OnCommand(R)
Item NameValve Actuator
TypeAutomation Replacement Parts
Voltage Rating24 V

Hayward Goldline Valve Actuator Warranty:

The Hayward Goldline Valve Actuator carries a 6 month manufacturer warranty.