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Applied Biochemists 407803

Item #: AM6916  UPC : 785336178011  MPN : 407803



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This is an obsolete Item

Applied Biochemists 407803 Gold-N-Clear Description


Gold-N-Clear is a super-concentrated clarifier that clears cloudy water. Its unique color-changing formula changes from gold to blue as it removes small particles that dull the water's appearance.

Gold-N-Clear Features:

  • Super-concentrated - 1 oz. treats 6,000 gallons.
  • Fast-acting clarifier - clears cloudy water quickly.
  • Compatible with other pool formulas including biguanide sanitizers.
  • Swim immediately after treatment.

Gold-N-Clear Application:

  1. Gold-N-Clear is a highly concentrated formula and should be diluted before adding to the pool.
  2. Add correct dosage to a pail filled with pool water (water in pail will turn a blue color)
  3. Apply entire mixture into pool around pool edge. Circulate water for several hours.

Initial Treatment: 1 oz. per 6,000 gallons. For very cloudy water, use 1 oz. per 3,000 gallons.

Maintenance Treatment: 1 oz. per 6,000 gallons every week for heaver swimmer load. For light swimmer load, apply 1 oz. per 6,000 gallons every 2 weeks.

For best results, use Gold-N-Clear regularly, especially after each filter backwashing or cleaning, as well as after algaecide treatment to remove dead algae particles.