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Hydro Air M5556
Gemini Plus II Jetted Bathtub Pump

$277.45 - $435.86

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Horsepower / Options Selection

8 options available.
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Hydro Air M5556 Gemini Plus II Jetted Bathtub Pump Description

The Gemini Plus II is the third version in the Gemini Bathtub pump line. The Gemini Plus II Pump replaces the older Gemini and Gemini Plus versions. This pump has the same plumbing fit as the older versions so replacement is simple.

To replace the variable speed versions of the Gemini pump simply buy the pump of your choice and the Variable Speed Control Kit.

The Gemini Plus II pump was originally made by Marlow, which turned into ITT Marlow. It was then purchased by Hydro-Air Industries and in turn was sold to Balboa Water Group. So you will find the Gemini pumps manufactured under all these names.

Gemini Plus II Jetted Bathtub Pump Features

  • Standard “NEMA” power cord
  • Built-in Air Control Switch
  • Lowered Suction for self draining
  • Double Insulated motor housing.